Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Come and Check us out, we have an innovative way to worship God, where everyone is accepted and anyone can access the precense of God, join us in an hour of worship, dramas and creative & relevant messajes.
Remnant Youth Ministries

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  1. This message is for those who are hurting, lonely, discouraged..lost , Jesus Christ is the true answer to all your pain and sadness. We @ True light Global Ministries Pray for all hurting and lost souls and want you to know that we will Intercede and CRY out to our father for your lives! Amen Our desire is to see you in the arms of a loving Father where you will be safe!! We will Pray for the City Of Abilene Tx and Declare it for the Glory of the Most High God Jehova!! Wont you come and hear what he says about you and who you are in his eye's...Jesus is waiting, wont you come! Thank you Pastor Roland and Lucy your work is not in vain! Sandra Garcia